The Future of Climate Change in Wisconsin

During 2016, the Wisconsin DNR and the Public Service Commission (PSC) quietly removed comments about human driven climate change and global warming from their websites. As citizens, this is concerning because these state organizations play an important role in regulating coal-fired power plants, the state’s largest source of carbon emissions. Under Scott Walker’s administration, these organizations have … More The Future of Climate Change in Wisconsin

New leader, same land.

In August of 2016, during the last months of his presidency, Obama used his executive power to quadruple the size of the Papahanaumokuakea (pronounced “Papa-ha-now-moh-koo-ah-kay-ah”) Marine National Monument in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. Originally created by President George W. Bush, the national monument is now the largest ecologically protected area on the planet at roughly 582,578 square … More New leader, same land.

Robert K. Trench

This month’s featured scientist is Dr. Robert K. Trench from the University of California, Santa Barbara.  Trench retired in 2000 but during his time at UC Santa Barbara he made big waves in the field of oceanography, specifically in the study of coral reefs. In fact, Robert Trench earned the reputation as the world’s leading expert … More Robert K. Trench