Monarch Butterflies and Our Changing Climate

Climate change and monarchs Monarch butterflies (Danaus plexippus) are being threatened by the early arrival of spring in Texas, according to an article from Yale Climate Connections. As climate change has made spring come earlier, monarchs have begun migrating before the milkweed plants in the rest of the country have grown enough to support the … More Monarch Butterflies and Our Changing Climate

Climate Change Leading to the Feminization of Turtles

A recent study published in the journal Current Biology and led by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), entitled ‘Environmental Warming and Feminization of One of the Largest Sea Turtle Populations in the World,’ found that 99% of Green Sea Turtles born along the east coast of Queensland, Australia, were female. This natural phenomenon, the … More Climate Change Leading to the Feminization of Turtles

Tree Growth and Carbon Sequestration

Photosynthesis — the planet altering cellular process you likely learned about in school at various points. While some of us might be fuzzy on the details since we learned it, many researchers are trying to understand how we can manipulate the process to combat climate change. For example, our featured scientist from December reprograms plant cells to be better and faster … More Tree Growth and Carbon Sequestration

New leader, same land.

In August of 2016, during the last months of his presidency, Obama used his executive power to quadruple the size of the Papahanaumokuakea (pronounced “Papa-ha-now-moh-koo-ah-kay-ah”) Marine National Monument in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. Originally created by President George W. Bush, the national monument is now the largest ecologically protected area on the planet at roughly 582,578 square … More New leader, same land.

Fall Flights

Fall has arrived and in the northern climates it’s time to say goodbye to summer flowers, fresh strawberries, and some of our wildlife friends. Many birds leave Wisconsin each fall for warmer temperatures of the south. The most well known in Wisconsin might be the Sandhill Crane or the many waterfowl that can be found in … More Fall Flights