Can Whale Poop Fight Climate Change?

Too often the news about climate change is overwhelming and, frankly, a bit terrifying…but, thanks to some researchers at the University of Vermont and the ‘gentle giants of the deep’, we’ve got some amusing, albeit disgusting news to share… Whale poop is believed to fight climate change by providing nutrients that enhance plankton growth and as plankton … More Can Whale Poop Fight Climate Change?

Spiralling Global Temperatures

Finding it difficult to visualize global temperature change? The spiral above uses data collected since 1850 to represent global temperature change in a visually appealing and straightforward manner. In the animation, you can clearly see that, although annual temperatures fluctuate, the pace and overall warming of global temperature over the past few decades is obvious. … More Spiralling Global Temperatures

Climate Change: A Short Q&A

What really is happening to the climate? Is there anything I can do to help thwart climate change? Globally, why do people question climate change? Climate change can be overwhelming and confusing and often times there aren’t simple answers to our many questions. The attached article, while a few months old, highlights a few of the … More Climate Change: A Short Q&A