Maria Sibylla Merian

This month we are celebrating ‘What’s Growing’ at ALNC! Each spring brings colorful flowers, but with the flowers comes a delicate balance with insects and animals that help pollinate and disperse seeds. However, many insects and animals may also eat or damage the beautiful blooms in the process—anyone that has ever kept a garden can tell … More Maria Sibylla Merian

Jennifer Francis

Wisconsin is no stranger to bizarre weather throughout the year, and since April is ‘Earth month’ at ALNC it seemed fitting to shine a spotlight on someone who has spent her life trying to explain the connection between weather patterns and global warming. Our April featured scientist, Jennifer Francis, is a professor at Rutgers University’s department of Marine … More Jennifer Francis

Henry David Thoreau

This March at the Aldo Leopold Nature Center, we are focusing on phenology and all the spring changes happening on our trails. So, while not strictly a scientist, Henry David Thoreau (July 12, 1817 – May 6, 1862) is our March feature because of his famous record-keeping and interest in natural history. After graduating from Harvard, … More Henry David Thoreau

Tree Growth and Carbon Sequestration

Photosynthesis — the planet altering cellular process you likely learned about in school at various points. While some of us might be fuzzy on the details since we learned it, many researchers are trying to understand how we can manipulate the process to combat climate change. For example, our featured scientist from December reprograms plant cells to be better and faster … More Tree Growth and Carbon Sequestration