Talking with Children about Climate Change


Is it really necessary to talk to children about climate change? Isn’t climate change a grown-up topic? Won’t it frighten them? Isn’t it too complicated and won’t they be confused? After all, how can I talk to children about climate change when I am not so sure I know how to explain it myself?

Talking with children about climate change may be overwhelming and scary, but it is both important and necessary. Children are the ones who will be inheriting the problems we are unable to solve today. Furthermore, talking about climate change with them now will enable them to develop behaviors that can help thwart climate change. It really is in their best interest that we learn how to talk about these issues with them now.

The attached article from NOAA Climate Stewardship does a wonderful job of outlining one teacher’s approach to educating her students about climate change and what they have learned.

Talking with Children about Climate Change by Ms. Christie-Blick