2015 is Warmest Year Recorded Yet!

According to scientists at both NASA and NOAA, 2015 has shattered the warmest year record set in 2014 – and it has done so by the widest margin yet!

Averaging nearly one third of one degree Fahrenheit warmer than 2014’s average – globally, in 2015, the average temperature on land and ocean surfaces was “1.62˚F (0.90˚C) above the 20th century average,” according to NOAA – making 2015 the hottest year since the beginning of record keeping in 1880.

According to NOAA, the United States has seen its 19th consecutive year where the annual average temperature for the continental United States was hotter than the 20th century average. They reported that “the last year with a below-average temperature was 1996.”

Around the world, 10 months in 2015 tied or broke monthly temperature records and December 2015 was more than half a degree Fahrenheit warmer than December 2014 – a record margin according to NOAA.