El Niño 2015 Ranked!

2015 proved to be a strong year for El Niño with one of its strongest recorded yet!

But El Niño? What does that even mean? What is happening in Earth’s climate and how is this measured? How does El Niño affect the United States, especially Wisconsin and the Midwest?

Discover more about El Niño, how it is tracked and measured and how it affects southern Wisconsin winters by exploring the articles below.

January El Niño update: It’s got a lot going on (Climate.gov)

El Niño Ranked!



El Niño and Southern Wisconsin (Weather.gov)

Three Month Outlook



El Niño and Winter in Wisconsin 2016 (WPR.org/listen)

A University of Wisconsin climatologist shares projections for how El Niño will affect Wisconsin this coming winter.

Wisconsin Winter Road